Thinking of Refinancing

Your home loan is usually your largest financial commitment. We understand that changes in interest rates can have a big impact on your monthly repayments and how long it takes you to pay out your loan.

Refinancing to another loan might cost you thousands in early exit fees and other required fees, but it could possibly SAVE you thousands of dollars as well…

  • But how will you know?
  • How will you assess each new lender’s offerings compared to others?
  • What new conditions will accompany a new loan?

When you contact us we will do the work for you and compare your existing loan with other lenders’ products.

Our ultimate goal for you is to determine if the cost of refinancing your loan is

worth the potential interest rate saving

We will use the following steps: Do the shop around for you

Our team use financial calculators to compare interest rates, fees and features of your current loan with several other home loans available in the market.

We may also be able to negotiate (on your behalf) a discount below the interest rate that you are currently paying, especially if you have a large loan.

We will talk to your current lender and tell them you are thinking of refinancing into a cheaper loan offered by another lender.

They may offer to reduce the interest rate or suggest a cheaper ‘no frills’ loan. This could save you significant costs. Often, by using us, your finance specialist, we can secure a better rate than if you try to negotiate this yourself.

We research the potential savings from Refinancing

Our role is to calculate the fees you will be charged if you change loans plus other expenses you may need to pay, eg lenders’ mortgage insurance (LMI).

Show you how long it will take before you start making savings after the cost of refinancing, and can also compare the minimum repayments of potential new loans.

Compare available home loan features against your existing loan

Determine a range of potential loans that may be suitable for your circumstances and check them against your existing loan. We will compare features such as:

  • the ability to make extra repayments
  • having an offset account
  • having a redraw facility

You may pay more for a loan with extra features and flexibility so we will need to determine if these features are important to you and warrant the extra expense.

You decide, then we help you take action

We will present to you the potential cost savings and differences in features between loans.

Please note:

You will only reap the potential savings if the new loan stays cheaper over the long term. The longer it takes for refinancing to save you money, the greater the chance that the interest rate savings may fade.

Your savings can be used to pay off your new mortgage more quickly or make lower repayments to alleviate some of your current financial burden.

If you decide you would be better off by refinancing your home loan, then let’s take action together!

If it is time for you to review, let us do the hard work for you.

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