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Disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this calculator, the results should be used as an indication only. They are neither a quote nor a pre-qualification for a home loan.

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Basic Loan
Repayments Calculator

  • Calculate what you will pay by the week in loan repayments
  • Show how much you will be repaying fortnightly
  • Use this calculator to show you the many variable options available

Complete Loan
Comparison Calculator

The complete loan comparison calculator lets you compare your current lender with other lender rates

Extra Repayments Calculator

See what happens when you make extra repayments to your loan

PI-Interest Only-Calculator

Use this loan repayment calculator to compare repayments between an interest only loan and principal & interest loan (P&I). Interest only loans are commonly used for investment loans

Bi-Monthly Repayments

Bi-monthly repayment calculators can show you the savings by making repayments every 2 weeks other than monthly. It is recommended that you have your repayments coincide with your pay cycle.

Paying payments on a bi- monthly basis can make budgeting much easier if you are payed on a weekly or fortnightly basis

  1. The Bi-Monthly repayments calculator can demonstrate the savings of making
  2. fortnightly repayments
  3. Weekly repayments.

Split Loan-Calculator

Split loan calculator shows how your repayments can be managed by have part of the loan at a fixed rate and part variable, this is especially beneficial when rates are unstable

Savings Target

  1. To purchase a home or investment property
  2. How  much Can you Borrow  is the most important component from here you can then set your goals
  3. To buy a car  how much will it cost per month can be easily worked out
  4. To reach your goals you need to know how much and how regularly you need to save
  5. Setting a budget is very important this calculator can help set your goals and target.

Comparison Rate Calculator

  • Shows the true interest being paid
  • It takes into account any fees or charges that apply to your loan
  • The graph below will help you in using the Comparison Calculator. You can also contact us at 02 4971 6290 if you need help.

How Long To Repay Calculator

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How Much Can I
Borrow Calculator

In order to use this How Much Can I Borrow Calculator, be sure to supply the following information:

  • Your income (salary, pension, bonuses, or commissions)
  • Regular loan payables (payment for personal loans and credit card balances
  • Other expenses (home maintenance costs, insurance premiums, travel expenses, other mortgages)

What Can I afford
To Borrow Calculator

What I can afford to borrow is determined by the amount of surplus income you have, that is all you income less your expences.

Lump Sum Payment Calculator

Lump sum payments show the effect they will have on your loan term

Remaining Balance Calculator

Remaining balance calculator shows how much time it is going to take to pay off the loan

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Reverse Mortgage calculator shows how much the borrowing will effect the equity in your property over time with the compounding interest


The lease calculator will give you the repayment on leased equipment over a given time

Stamp Duty Calculator

The stamp duty calculator calculates  the amount of stamp duty you have to pay on the purchase of the property. This varies from State to State

Income Tax

Unsure of how much tax you are paying, the income tax calculator can help you

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