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Package Home Loans

Packaged Home Loans, also known as a Professional Package Home Loans, combines your home loan with your regular bank accounts and credit cards for an annual fee.
These packages are now available to a wide variety of borrowers with sufficient income or aggregate loan size.

  • Professional Package  Loans generally offer discounts of between one and two percent under the usual interest rate.
  • Professional Packages also offers a range of other discounts on accounts such as credit cards, transaction, margin loans and insurance.


Pros and Cons of   Professional Packages (Package Home Loans)

Advantages of a Professional Package Home Loans include:

  • Fully featured account e.g. redraw, split loans, etc
  • Interest rate discounts on the standard variable rate
  • Other benefits such as fee free transaction accounts and discounts on insurance products
  • No establishment fees and no ongoing monthly fees on your loans (This feature is not available from all lenders)

Why would I not want a Professional Package Home Loans ?

  • An annual fee applies to this product
  • I might not require all the extra features

package home loans

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