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Are you a successful saver? Try our six saving tips!

Research¹ shows about 57% of Australian adults are savers although only 16% of those manage to save quite easily.
When many of us feel burdened by the mere cost of ‘living’ it is often difficult to establish a savings plan. However, creating a savings habit can play an important role in our ultimate financial future.
So what are some of the key tips for becoming a successful saver?
We often convince ourselves to spend money on things we simply don’t need. Becoming a good saver is a game of psychology – it requires awareness of the unconscious triggers that prevent us from keeping our money in the bank.
Creating certain habits can help combat the impulsive and seemingly innocuous behaviours that cause us to overspend.
We encourage you and your family to try our six tips:

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NSW office of State Revenue Calculators :

Useful Links

Useful Links

The calculator links listed below will assist when looking for available grants and costs associated with purchasing property.